Scrappy slumps and simple sketches

I shared this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago, and mentioned how I was going through ‘peaks and troughs’ with my scrappy mojo (as I’m sure everyone does), and I wanted to talk a bit more about that here.

My desk mid-layout

I do sometimes find it easy to make (often legitimate) excuses for not scrapping – a 9-5 job does take up a significant chunk of your time, I also do a lot for my Gran, and I’m mainly responsible for taking care of the house. Until September I was also completing an MA alongside working, and it is kind of fair enough that that took up most of my free time. I have other hobbies too; I enjoy running and going to the gym, sometimes I just want a lazy evening on my playstation, and I want to go out and see my friends when I can. Reading is also in the mix, but has long fallen by the wayside, even more so than creative pursuits! I want to put more time into learning another language, and eventually gain a qualification, probably in Greek.

With all those conflicting interests going on it makes it all the more frustrating when I find the time to sit down and scrap and the ideas just. don’t. come. It’s not like I’m short of inspiration either, my scrappy pinterest board is extensive, I follow some amazing creators on social media and I’m in a number of scrapbooking groups on facebook. But sometimes even the photos i’ve wanted to scrap for a while and paired up with papers or whatever suddenly don’t work, and I sit at my desk for hours staring at a blank page, not letting myself do anything because I convince myself “I don’t like that bit there” or “those colours don’t work together”.

To that end, I have found that some of the very simplest sketches and scraplifts have been brilliant for pulling me out of the slump. Yes, of they end up not being my best, or they don’t really showcase the photo(s), so I might not use them for super-special memories, but it makes me be quite strict with myself and get. things. stuck. down. The memory is documented, I’ve used up some stash, and ‘unplugged’ my creative juices. Often It means I’m back to normal and ready to be a bit more adventurous with my next layout!

So yeah, I thought I’d ‘bulk-share’ a few of the simple layouts I’ve completed recently and the sketches/lifts that Inspired them, starting with the one I’m working on in the first photo:

The last layout is actually the subject of my first scrapbooking process video on my YouTube, eek! I’d really appreciate it if you went and had a look: Scrapbooking Process Video: Work and Play

Thank you for having a read of this rambly chatty blog, it was good to get this off my chest! How do you deal with creative block and other demands on your time? Let me know!

Bye for now,

Charissa xx

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