Layout Share: My Likes and Dislikes


Hello everyone,

I’m super-excited to share this layout with you, as I’m really happy how it turned out. The sketch I used (see below) was shared in ‘For the Love of Pretty Paper’ on Facebook as a challenge for (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day, and everything on the page comes from the May Mind the Scrap kits (apart from the ribbon and one tiny word sticker). I actually started it a few weeks ago, then left it on my desk while I was on holiday!

My first step was to cut out the arrows; I knew they had to be 3-4 inches wide to fit four on the page with enough gap to see the paint popping through, but I did a template on some rough paper before cutting them all out.

Next I put the paints down, just using a make-up sponge to make the colours a bit softer. I love the bright colours in this set, which is a Jane Davenport.


Once that was dry, the arrows went down. I dithered a bit about which one to use where, but I like how the ‘NO’ arrow ended up with raindrops on it, to fit with the other ‘bleh’ things I’ve put under dislikes. Plus the ‘YES’ arrow has extra nice things peaking through like teacups (and a moth, which I don’t like, but at least it’s yellow which is one of my favourite colours!). The photo is an old one of me, from 2015 I think, that was just hanging around spare in my box.


I thought the ‘Dance in the Rain’ and ‘enjoy the little things’ really suited the vibe of the layout, kind of saying make the most of life, even though these rubbish things exist/happen. They were both fussy cut from the Simple Stories journal card cut-apart sheet in May’s Mind the Scrap kit.

The thickers went down next (with extra PVA, because the chipboard ones don’t. stay. stuck!), followed by the Bramble Fox perspectives. I love that we got a selection of smaller ones in this kit, there a bit more adaptable than the words. the black zigzags were actually once piece that I decided to snap in half.


Some of the Simple Stories stickers had made it on by this point too, but I couldn’t really do any more without stick down my likes and dislikes, which I just printed on normal printer paper. Obviously I do have more than these, these are just the things that came to mind first/were most topical (I think I had just finished a re-watch of LotR for example). I then added the rest of the stickers, and went to town with the sequins, which are from Pink Paislee’s Auburn Lane collection. I love the colour mix on these, they look so pretty in the packet! They come with some enamel dots, which I’ve not used here, and the rose gold/copper paperclips that I’ve put on each arrow. I like the sort of notey feel they add.

My final addition was the ribbon, which isn’t on the sketch and was used for no other reason than I liked it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this layout, I had so much fun making it 🙂

See you soon,

Charissa xx

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